Tabeguache Trailhead

Eagle's Tail

This is a Challenging and fun ride.

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Free Lunch

This is a superb freeride One Way Only trail

Gunny Loop



The fun and challenging way to climb up to High Noon or on to Eagles Wing

Kid's Meal

A fun short loop to ride with the we ones.

Holy Cross

This trail will make you a believer

Kokopelli Trailhead

Moore Fun

This ride is a blast and very technical

Rustler's Loop

Fun interactive beginner or warm up loop for the rest of the more difficult Kokepelli trails.

18 Road Trailhead

Kessel Run

This is an awesome ride!!

Rapid Creek Trailhead

Palisade Rim

This is a sweet ride

Other Trails

Old Spanish Trail

This is an easy trail when it packed. More horse traffic so this trail is usually pretty soft and as fun to ride as other easy trails in the Grand Valley.

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