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Liv Pique Advanced 27.5 2019

Liv Pique Advanced 27.5 2019

$4347 - Sale!

MSRP: $4830

Size: Small

Gone are the days when you need to choose a bike based on whether you want to go fast uphill or fast downhill. With Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy you get an Advanced Composite lightweight frame design for optimal power transfer and front end handling on a serious climbing section, that is paired with 120 mm [R] and 130 mm [F] of travel for unrivaled descending performance. Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy produces bikes specifically for female riders, and that meet the demands of cross-country and trail riding. The 27.5- inch wheel size ensures that bike handling is still nimble and playful, while maintaining the stable cornering and bump-reducing qualities of a larger wheel size.

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