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Liv Pique SX 2 27.5 2019

Liv Pique SX 2 27.5 2019

$2835 - Sale!

MSRP: $3150

Size: Small

Gone are the days when you need to choose a bike based on whether you want to go fast uphill or downhill. With Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy, you get a lightweight frame design with souped-up power transfer for serious climbing performance. Paired with 120-mm trunnion-mounted Maestro suspension and a 140-mm fork, Pique SX offers unrivaled descending performance. 27.5-inch wheels ensure bike handling is still nimble and playful, while maintaining the stable cornering and bump-reducing qualities of a larger wheel size. Liv’s 3F Design Philosophy lets us create bikes that are specifically designed for female riders and meet the demands of cross-country and trail riding.

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